Team building activities that work!

Team building activities that work!

A very effective team building workshop

Curiosity prevails at the start of the workshop. How on earth do you get 8 people with differing musical knowledge to harmoniously perform a piece of music after only a few hours? No need to fret, because this effective team building workshop works like a charm. The immersive effect of this Musical Survival is so strong, that participants quickly made the switch from content-orientated to collaboration-oriented.

Branko Perunicic’s adjustments during the process help along an even input on the proceedings from the entire team. This activity-oriented approach gives everyone their moment and prevents participants from feeling overwhelmed. The energy that is released during the constructive cooperation is amplified by the sensation of pride when the end result is achieved en the music sounds from the speakers flawlessly.

During the evaluation phase the collaboration is extensively evaluated, as are the roles as they were filled by the different participants. Apart from the joy of recognition, this results in a number of essential observations and conclusions that are very applicable in the workplace. We achieved so much in so little time, so it is very fair to say that this is a very efficient, high-yield team building workshop!

Highly recommended, especially for teams in transition or teams that are new.

Joost van der Knaap, NS ProjectConsult

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