Team building activities that work!

Team building activities that work!

Surprising results that will make all of your team happy!

Our music workshops encompass all the aspects of teamwork you usually encounter in daily practice. Your team will experience the way you all work together, but from a new and different perspective. These insights will yield practical guidelines which enable your team to give an energizing and effective performance while having a tons of fun.

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Which aspects of collaboration will you discover during our workshops:

  • How do you listen? How do you fine-tune? How do you work together? All this without losing track of your own sub-goal (optimally making yourself heard within the larger structure)?
  • Music is about rythm, harmony, melody, dynamics and tempo. How do you find those, connect them and maintain them?
  • Within any musical collaboration everyone plays their part. One cannot function without the other. How do you reach optimal collaboration together?
  • What happens to an orchestra when a conductor appears in front of it? Or when he suddenly disappears?
  • Playing music is a process in which both the rehearsals (preparation) and the performance (result) are equally important. Your input determines your output, after all. How do you stay motivated during the process and how do you keep enjoying the team effort?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the end result, and what is your responsibility within the larger whole?
  • Playing music well demands a nifty collaboration between ratio (or knowledge) and emotions. Collaboration within a team is no different.

In short: Swinging Collaboration Pays Off!

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